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#1 Leading Crypto & Asset Recovery Service

Have you lost access to your crypto wallet? Did you become the victim of online theft? Welcome to DPS Cyber Security, a leading international crypto investigator and recovery service.

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Tracking lost cryptocurrency transactions is what we do.

DPS Cyber Security provides assistance in tracking down your stolen cryptocurrencies in order to resolve any issues with your wallet so that you are not left out in the cold.

Ensure complete recovery of cryptocurrency transactions

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Reliable, safe and efficient crypto recovery services

97% Recovery Rate

Industry-leading success rates from '000s of cases

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Vetted industry blockchain security specialists

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All kinds of crypto, recovered.

As long as your lost cryptocurrency is a valid cryptocurrency registered on the blockchain, then we can often track and recover it, regardless of whether it is Bitcoin, Ethereum or another cryptocurrency.

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What are crypto recovery services?

Often shortened as crypto recovery, the service aims to retrieve digital currencies lost by investors, traders & Corporations due to a scam. This requires hiring investigators to look into the matter who then build workable plans for scam victims and get back control of their digital assets.

How does crypto asset recovery work?

The key to recover stolen cryptocurrency is to know who stole the funds. Without this information, there is nothing to pursue. A competent cryptocurrency investigator will implement workable strategies as soon as a victim files a report. 

At DPS Cyber Security, our method to recover stolen crypto differs for every client, but these are some of the stages involved:

  • Submitting details & evidence of the case
  • Tracking the Cryptocurrency and generating an in depth forensic report on the transaction source and suspected wallets involved.
  • Investigate the perpetrating companies, technology used, and digital footprint that the criminals leave behind.
  • Locate the Cryptocurrency by using advanced cybersecurity technology coupled with digital forensics & digital location strategies

Are you ready to recover your lost crypto?

Create a new case with us today, and we will contact you shortly to discuss how DPS Cyber Security may be able to assist.

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Like anything else, you can do it yourself, or you can hire a professional. 

In order to successfully recover bitcoin or any other stolen Cryptocurrency, you need to be familiar with the mechanics of blockchain technology which can be extremely difficult, especially with limited resources. It may be best to bring the in the crypto recovery experts to do this for you. 

Cryptocurrency is a new form of technology for many investors even today, they may be unaware of how blockchain technology actually works or just how advanced and sophisticated particular solutions that these syndicates may be using. Hiring a professional team of experts who know ins and outs of these scams with a proven track record will certainly increase the chances of recovering your hard earned funds from these scammers. The latest figures from Reuters chain analysis indicates that approximately 1.4 million Bitcoin worth over $63 billion appears to have been stolen by scammers or stranded in wallets due to lost keys.

There are several recovery firms out there with an online presence and reviews on crypto scam-related issues, but none are as recognised globally as DPS Cyber Security. DPS have worked with multiple government & law enforcement agencies all over to world & have successfully recovered hundreds of millions of dollars in stolen cryptocurrencies for individual investors & multi-national corporations with over 1,600 successful investigations.

Important things to look for when choosing a cryptocurrency recovery firm: 

  1. Do they have company registration information in the country they operate in?
  2. Are they fluent in English?
  3. Do they work on a NO WIN, NO FEE basis like DPS Cyber Security or do they demand funds up front.
  4. Are they pushy or even rude?
  5. Do they guarantee results?
  6. Do they or have they worked with any reputable law enforcement agencies? If so are there any published articles from reputable sources confirming their work? 

The Federal Trade Commission reports suggest cyber criminals lure investors into bogus investment schemes through social media or dating apps. This is why it is best to find a reputable cryptocurrency recovery company to get the best results. Here are a few recommended steps if you want to identify which is the best cryptocurrency recovery firm for you:

If you believe you have been scammed into giving your savings to online scammers it is imperative that you report the matter to a trusted cryptocurrency recovery firm like DPS Cyber Security.

The experience of getting scammed can be frustrating-especially when financial institutions demand proper documentation to build a strong case against scammers. Fraudsters are happy to waste their victims’ time and money. However, it is possible to get back what was taken with the help of professionals. 

When it comes to recovering stolen cryptocurrency, DPS Cyber Security is a worldwide trusted solution as it utilises state of the art digital forensics technology and digital asset crime investigation methods to track these scammers and third party cryptocurrency transactions. DPS’s recovery service has time and time again helped recover over 96% of funds stolen in investment scam cases it has taken on.

Get in contact today to see if DPS Cyber Security can help you. 

An experienced firm with a professional team that can recover your stolen cryptocurrency should have a decent website, and not some cheap thrown together mess. Usually, websites become a channel for victims to identify if the company is worth trusting. It’s also very important and always best to trust reputable news outlets such as YahooFinance, Bloomberg, MarketWatch, Markets Business Insider etc. If the company is as good at what they do as they claim, surely they will have good news reported about them, right?

Usually, the company website will provide even a little insight in to how the company will deal with the case if someone reports a scam. Make sure to read the cryptocurrency investigation process and look for promises like “Guaranteed results,” & “Get your money back in 24-hours.” Remember, no investigation on the planet takes place within 24 hours. It’s just not possible.